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Best Wine Dispenser Machines for 2022 - Editors' Choice

The Wine Coolers Team
  May 19, 2022 12:11 AM

If you want easy access to your favorite wines without having to access the bottle, the best wine dispenser machine is really the answer.


 The best wine dispenser machines use specific pressurization and chilling processes to keep your wine fresher longer. Aside from assisting you in preserving your wine, a wine dispenser also helps you to simply pour your valuable wine without spilling it.

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Fun Facts

Popular Wine Dispensers for the Home

After three days in the fridge, most opened bottles of wine are no longer drinkable. When you uncork the bottle, you are allowing the wine to come into touch with air. This quickly alters the taste of the wine. 

This "breathing" process can be beneficial at first, but after a few days, the wine has lost much of the taste that made it wonderful. The wine was ruined when the oxygen in the air interacted with it.

A wine dispenser keeps the wine fresh by keeping it from coming into touch with the air. Often, this entails applying a coating of non-reactive nitrogen to the wine's surface, thus resealing the bottle for you. 

There are several wine dispenser styles available on the market. One may be ideal for you depending on your demands and budget.

Keeper of the Keys

If you're on a tight budget and don't entertain much, a single-bottle wine preservation system like The Keeper may be suitable. A dispenser nozzle or tap is linked to a nitrogen canister in this arrangement. 

After you've opened the bottle of wine, insert the nozzle into it. This injects nitrogen gas into the bottle, and the dispenser allows you to pour the wine one glass at a time. When you've done pouring the wine and want to store it, just detach the nitrogen canister and set the bottle in your refrigerator.

The Keeper offers various advantages, including a low price of around $125. This device is simple to use and ideal for home wine enthusiasts. The inclusion of the dispenser nozzle, on the other hand, may make storing the bottle in your fridge a little cumbersome. It is also critical to insert the dispenser nozzle into the bottle as soon as it is opened.

Buying Guide


When selecting the best wine dispenser, consider how much capacity you require. There are 1-bottle (cheap) dispensers as well as complex 6-bottle or even 12-bottle units available. These higher-priced, larger-capacity models are primarily aimed at wine experts, tasting facilities, and sommeliers.


Some wine dispenser models include an aeration mechanism that allows your red wines to breathe in ideal circumstances. If you intend to offer a lot of red, a wine dispenser makes it simple by highlighting the characteristics of your wine with the appropriate quantity of aeration. Please keep in mind that this function is not available on all wine dispensers; thus, if you want to profit from it, you must pay close attention to product details.


One of the primary advantages of purchasing a wine dispenser is that it helps preserve your wines for a longer period of time. This implies that a bottle may be kept 'good' for days, if not weeks, without the risk of deteriorating. Most wine dispensers employ a gas, such as argon or nitrogen, to replace the oxygen in the bottle after it has been poured. This procedure keeps the wine from oxidizing, which is why so many wine fans swear by it.

Please keep in mind that, once again, not every wine dispenser has a preservation feature. So, if you want to keep your wines fresher for longer periods of time, you should absolutely include this function on your dispenser checklist.


Depending on the design, a wine dispenser can also serve as a superb storage cabinet for your wines. Choose a wine dispenser with a cooler design or chilling function if you really want a multi-functional choice. This enables you to not only swiftly pour wine, but also to maintain your bottles in optimal storage conditions. These refrigerator-style wine dispensers keep wine at the right temperature, ensuring the durability of its character and the fruitiness of its smells.


Will a Wine Dispenser Machine Affect the Wine's Quality?

Three major factors can influence the quality of your wine: air, humidity, and light. Some wines are best when kept chilled, while others acquire their tones after being exposed to regulated warmth and air. 

Knowing which wine goes with which may be as taxing as driving through peak hour traffic. However, with a wine dispenser, such issues can be a relic of the past. 

Wine dispensers have been meticulously developed to assure their functionality. To keep the wine cold and at its finest for drinking, most dispensers use a pressured valve, refrigeration system, or airtight container. Additionally, some contain a specific tap to assist aerate the wine or trigger the release of more nuanced flavors before tasting.

Is a Professional Wine Dispenser Necessary?

Because a professional wine dispenser may cost an arm and a leg, the first thing to ask yourself is whether you really need one. In most circumstances, if your company is small, a conventional wine dispenser made for household use would suffice. 

In truth, there are several wine dispensers that are not developed expressly for commercial use but may nevertheless provide the performance you want. Small wine dispensers may suffice in a small wine shop to keep a bottle or two open for your customers.

A little wine dispenser might be the answer to your goal of holding a wine tasting. If you are just starting your vineyard and want to impress your visitors with the quality of your wine, a wine dispenser for home use may be sufficient. 

A professional wine dispenser, on the other hand, maybe required in a bigger commercial setting. These gadgets are intended to keep the wine fresh and at serving temperature for an extended period of time.

A professional wine dispenser is also intended to keep wine fresher longer than home-use machines. Most professional wine dispensers employ argon or nitrogen to keep the liquid from oxidizing. As a result, many wine enthusiasts are enticed to purchase a professional wine dispenser for use at home.

What must professional wine dispensers keep in mind?

A professional wine dispenser should be able to retain an open wine at serving temperature while also having volume controls. Most professional wine dispensers have all of these qualities, however, they come in a variety of sizes and capacities. 

A wine dispenser with a capacity of one or two bottles, for example, maybe sufficient for a small wine shop or cellar. Most bar owners choose wine dispensers with a capacity of four bottles since they provide their customers with a wide range of options. 

Some companies, on the other hand, provide wine dispenser/wine chiller hybrids. These gadgets are worth considering if you want to preserve an entire batch of wine at storage temperature while still having it on hand in case you need to open a new bottle

Final words

 Choosing the best wine dispenser machines for you is mostly a matter of considering your demands and budget. A refrigerated system may be perfect for you if you're creating your dream wine cellar and are a committed oenophile. Regardless of the choice you pick, you'll put an end to the aggravating experience of squandering terrible wine.

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