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Best Single Zone Wine Coolers in 2022

The Wine Coolers Team
  Jan 20, 2022 1:13 PM

Here are the best single zone wine coolers available on the market, according to our editors. They’ll also provide an extensive buying guide and answer many related questions.  


Temperature directly affects how long your wine will last and how well balanced its aroma is. That’s why wine enthusiasts pour so much money on wine storage. 

Considering the fact that all wine can be stored at between 53-57 degrees F, a temp-controlled space like a single zone wine cooler is a straightforward option to keep wine perfectly chilled until it's ready to drink. There are several variations boasted on the market. Check out our best single zone wine coolers for the wisest buying decision.


Just like what it’s called, this unit possesses only one zone of temperature control, which means the entire interior space is kept at one set temperature. This allows you to maintain a steady, cool environment to properly refrigerate your wines for the long term. 

A single zone wine cooler can be the simplest one, but not always small, and often rather cheaper. Small wine coolers are usually able to accommodate from 6 to 20 wine bottles. They could be installed under a bar counter, free-standing or placed on a countertop. A large part of them are powered by thermoelectric cooling, which is quiet and vibration-free.

Most of the featured 30-plus-bottles and 50-plus-bottles are compressor-based technology, and with front-vent structure. These large-capacity units are perfect for under-counter built-in. 

What are the differences between single-zone coolers and dual-zone coolers?

These two types of wine cooler feature among the most popular ones. 

Unlike single-zone refrigerators, dual-zone is equipped with two separate spaces that are independently temperature-controlled. This means they are superior in keeping multiple types of wine at respective ideal serving temperatures. Also, dual-zone refrigerators make it possible to both store and serve wine at the same time. 

If you’re a casual wine drinker who only enjoys either red or white wines, there would be no need for a dual-zone cooler. A single-temperature cooler will work just fine. Yet if you’re aiming to store various types of wine, then a dual-zone unit is clearly your best option.


1. Antarctic Star Wine Cooler - 37 Bottles Single Zone

Overview: With a working temperature ranging from 40°F- 61°F, Antarctic Star wine cooler allows you to keep your wine perfectly cool for long-term aging. 37 bottles capacity is just an amazing size for medium wine collections, which is not only able to hold red and white wine but also perfect for canned beer and beverage storage. 

Besides, it protects wine from natural enemies such as light and humidity with a double paned glass door and blue soft LED light. The unit is a freestanding application, which means you can site it anywhere you prefer in your home. 


  • Color: Black

  • Finish type: Stainless steel

  • Brand: Antarctic Star

  • Form factor: Stand alone

  • Pattern : Solid

  • Item dimensions LxWxH: 21.3 x 20.5 x 31.4 inches

  • Lock type: Key

  • Certification: UL

  • Shelf type: Wire

  • Shelves: 4

Things we like: 

  • Holds 36 standard 750ml bottles, big capacity

  • Stainless steel door frame, tetal texture, elegant appearance

  • Convenient use of stainless steel door handle

  • The perfect wine chiller with adjustable temperature range of 41º - 64ºF 

  • Attractively priced 

Things we don’t like: 

  •  Doors do not square up to the unit, leaving gaping spaces at the top of the cooler 

Antarctic Star Wine Cooler Refrigerator Fridge 37 Bottles Single Zone Wine Cellar Freestanding Wine Chiller with Stainless Steel & Double-Layer Glass

Summary: A sleek design which will definitely add color to your furniture, suited to meet the needs of both young and aged wine. More than that, it is so efficient and affordable.

2. Danby single zone wine cooler

Overview: A 3.3 Cubic feet wine cooler that generously stores up to 36 bottles of your favorite wines. Temperature can be customized to preserve both your red and white wine. Your collection will also look quite impressive through the durable black wire shelves and blue LED-illuminated interior light. Wine will also be protected from potentially harmful ultraviolet rays due to a tempered glass door. 


  • Color: Stainless steel

  • Finish type: Matte

  • Brand: Danby

  • Model name: DWC036A1BSSDB-6

  • Pattern : Solid

  • Energy star: 5 Star

  • Item dimensions LxWxH: 19.7 x 17.5 x 33.2 inches

  • Inverter type: Has inverter

  • Lock type: Key

  • Capacity: 3.3 Cubic feet

Things we like: 

  • Showcase lighting illuminates the cabinet with energy-efficient blue LEDs

  • Suitable for red or white wines set temperature between 43°F - 57°F (6°C-14°C)

  • Recessed pocket style handle

  • Durable black wire shelves

  • Convenient reversible door swing for left or right-hand opening

  • Spacious and can accommodate any size bottle 

  • Has space at the bottom to store open bottles upright 

Things we don’t like: 

  • Bumping sound periodically which is a little annoying

  • Not have a temperature gauge so you don’t know what temperature the wine is being stored at

  • Temperature adjustment is a dial on the back of the unit that only indicates colder or warmer

  • The door does not seal tightly

 Danby DWC036A1BSSDB-6 3.3 Cu. Ft. Free Standing Wine Cooler, Holds 36 Bottles, Single Zone Fridge with Glass Door-Chiller for Kitchen, Home Bar, Stainless Steel

Summary: This Danby wine chiller is the perfect storage solution for those who have a medium size of wine collection. The bright and modern design will showcase your wine with energy-efficient.

3. Kalamera single zone wine cooler

Overview: This is a single-zone compressor refrigerator with one-touch control. The fridge takes up 19.5 x 33.1 x 22.8 inches with 4.2 Cu.Ft of inner capacity and 7 beech wood racks. This allows you to stock up to 50 standard 750ml Bordeaux bottles. If you need to put a larger bottle, the removable shelves will get you covered. 

A smart design that is uniquely introduced by Kalamera is the interior fan and slat-style shelves. It keeps bottle wine from fogging, allows even airflow for perfectly chilled wine every time. Moreover, your wine collection is considered to be safe behind the protection of double pane glass with trap air between them and anti-UV layer. 


  • Color: Black

  • Finish type: Glossy

  • Brand: Kalamra

  • Model name: KRC-52SZF

  • Pattern : Solid

  • Item dimensions LxWxH: 22.8 x 19.5 x 33.1 inches

  • Lock type: Key

  • Bottle count: 50

  • Capacity: 120 Liters

  • Shelf type: Wood

Things we like: 

  • Clean lines, attractive handle and front. Plus nice natural wood shelving. 

  • Well balanced. It makes noise but is pretty unnoticeable.

  • Freestanding design 

  • Single zone with touch control

  • Powerful compressor makes it cool evenly

Things we don’t like: 

  • Shelves are kinda tight. When the unit is filled, it is difficult to push in and pull out.  

  • Can not be fitted up to 50 bottles if you have some types of dessert wines or syrah/chardonnay bottles.

 Kalamera 4.2 Cu.ft 50 Bottle Compressor Wine Refrigerator Single Zone with Touch Control, Stainless Steel Door and Handle (KRC-52SZF)

Summary: The Kalamera 52 Bottle Wine Cooler is elegant in style and perfect in size for your home collection. It holds up to 52 bottles of your favorite wine vintages without taking too much space. It fits well in your dining room, kitchen, or entertainment area. 

4. FOVOMI 16" single zone Wine Cooler

Overview: This unit is equipped with a professional compressor technology, adjustable temperature control, integrated blue LED lights and built in circulation fan, together with an automatic defrost function. It is able to keep up to 31 regular standard Bordeaux 750ml bottles chilled to perfection at one preset temperature. Constant working temperature ranges from 5-20C/41-68F.

Materials are in high quality with beech wood shelves, UV resistant glass door, black metal shell and level-adjustable legs. Plus, temperature memory function and button lock function are all available.


  • Color: Metallic

  • Finish type: Metallic

  • Brand: FOVOMI

  • Pattern : Solid

  • Item dimensions LxWxH: 21.65 x 15.75 x 25.2 inches

  • Certification: FCC

  • Capacity: 66 Liters

  • Shelf type: Wood

  • Shelves: 4

  • Installation type: Freestanding

Things we like: 

  • The whole design is very modern and streamlined 

  • All the buttons are perfectly responsive to touch without having to push hard

  • The adjustable temperature is fantastically dynamic and the light and adjustable shelving is a real draw 

  • Keep wine sediments fresh and wine always tastes the same

  • Blue light to make the ambiance cool.

Things we don’t like: 

  • The shelves are stationary and don't come out nor are they adjustable

 FOVOMI 16" Wine Cooler Refrigerator - 31 Bottles Compressor Wine Cellars,Freestanding Single Zone Fridge - Chiller for Kitchen,Home Bar

Summary: This 30+ bottle wine refrigerator nicely blends into your kitchen, home bar, pantry or hotel. Best of all, it fits all kinds of wine bottles with standard height.

5. NewAir 12” single zone Wine Cooler

Overview: A sleek, integrated design that is powered by a front-venting compressor system. It can stand alone or fit snugly under 12 inches wide cabinets without taking up any large footprint in your kitchen. The precision temperature control is reliable and powerful, allowing to minimize fluctuations in temperature and ensuring perfect tasting wine in hand. Shelves are all made from beech wood and easily removable. 


  • Color: Black/Stainless steel

  • Finish type: Stainless steel

  • Brand: NewAir

  • Model name: AWR-190SB

  • Form factor: Compact

  • Item dimensions LxWxH: 22.5 x 11.75 x 33.88 inches

  • Capacity: 2.5 Cubic feet

  • Shelf type: Wood

  • Shelves: 6

  • Installation type: Built-In

Things we like: 

  • Adjustable LED blue lighting

  • Adjusts from 40 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Compact in size at 12 inches wide

  • Stores up to 19 wine bottles horizontally on adjustable, sliding beech wood racks

  • Tinted double-paned door protects wine from UV and locks to limit access to wine

Things we don’t like: 

  • Temp fluctuation 

  • The natural color looks great, but be warned that it is easy to stain. A darker color is preferable. 

NewAir 12” Wine Cooler Refrigerator in Stainless Steel, Compact 19 Bottle Built-in or Freestanding Single Zone Wine Fridge - AWR-190SB

Summary: Modern wine cooler with a capacity of 18+ bottles and multi functions. This unit is loved by anyone whose wine collection is at a small size.

Buying guide

Research is needed while opting for the best wine cooler because of the wide variety of brands and models available.

The first thing to consider is what type of wine storage you need regarding the bottle capacity and available space in your home. There are wine coolers that have a capacity of 6 - 18 bottles, small enough to be put on the countertop or installed under the counter or freestanding. Wine coolers that hold more than 20 bottles are mostly freestanding. Besides, some models are for standalone use only while some manufacturers offer models that can be installed both as built-in and as freestanding.

Cost is another important factor but don’t let it be the most significant one when you decide on which wine cooler to buy. By and large, it is true that the cheapest a wine cooler, the less reliable it is. Please note that a 6 - 20 bottle wine fridge costs between 100 - 300 USD and a 30+ bottle fridge may cost up to 500 USD. 

Other characteristics to check on when assessing different wine cooler brands include:

  • Noise and vibration: Thermoelectric cooling technology comes with virtually noiseless and vibration-free operation. Whilst, a compressor-run wine refrigerator is usually more efficient in generating cool air and temperature though it may create noticeable noises. 

  • Temperature range: a decent wine cooler should have a fairly wide temp range, at least 45 - 65ºF.

  • Temperature control: Digital vs mechanical

  • Insulation of the door: Double pane/ tinted glass doors filter out UV rays are mostly preferable. 

  • Don’t forget to check the length and other terms of warranty


What is the quietest wine cooler?

1. Cuisinart 8 Bottle Private Reserve Wine Cellar

2. Nutrichef 18 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler PKCWC18

3. Wine Enthusiast VinoView 155-Bottle Wine Cellar

4. EuroCave Performance 59 Built-In Wine Cellar

6. Whynter WC282TS 19-Inch Freestanding Single Zone Wine Cooler with 28-Bottle Capacity

Are Wine Enthusiast fridges good?

When it comes to the wine coolers market, Wine Enthusiast is a brand that stands out. With a wide range of both wine accessories and wine cooling solutions, the company is able to address various types of customers. 

It’s said by many consumers that their products meet standard requirements for high-end wine storage and are good value for the price. The units are modern and sleek in design, good quality materials and craftsmanship. Best of all, they run quietly and hold temperature very well.

What is the difference between a wine cooler and a wine refrigerator?

Wine coolers and wine refrigerators are very much in season. It’s even more confusing when the words wine cooler and wine refrigerator are used interchangeably. Still, there are certain key differences between those two. 

Wine cooler

Wine refrigerator

Humidity control is not an option 

Humidity level are typically be maintained as set, at about 60%

When the refrigeration unit of a wine cooler goes out, the entire cooler needs to be replaced

When the refrigeration system in a wine cabinet fails for the last time, the chiller can be replaced, but the cabinet itself doesn’t need to be

Large-format bottles usually can’t fit 

Designed to accommodate wine variations 

Modern and sleek in design 

Built with many decorative styles, can be  treasured heirlooms

Is a wine cooler better than a fridge?

A wine cooler is definitely among the most suitable spaces for properly storing your wine long-term. It aims to maintain temperature between 45°F to 65°F (or an average of 55°F) and an effective humidity level at all times. A fridge, on the other hand, is designed to increase temperature quickly and dry out humidity. So a wine cooler should be a better choice if you have more than a couple of bottles to store.

Do I need a wine fridge for red wine?

Keeping red wines in a wine cooler is highly recommended as red wine requires a lower temperature compared to room temp, at an average of 55 degrees.

What can I use instead of a wine cooler?

In case a wine cooler is not available in your house, a cool place could be used as an alternative. Please note that the kitchen is not a good place for wine storing as the temperature increases when you cook. If your basement is free of dampness and mold, it can also serve as a makeshift wine cellar.

Can you keep beer in a wine fridge?

Yes, wine coolers can also be used to store beer. It's even suggested sometimes because of the ability to maintain a certain temperature of wine fridges.

Recommended temperature for beer storage: 

Light Beer :   45-50ºF

Standard Ales: 50-55ºF

Strong Beers:  55-60ºF


Those were the five best single zone wine coolers available on the market today. Each cooler has its share of strengths and weaknesses and hope you find out your best suited!

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